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Guided Shore Dive

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We do most of our guided shore dives at Makena Landing, which goes by many names such as Five Graves, Five Caves, Turtle Town or Turtle Arches. We enter the water at Makena Landing’s sand boat ramp, then surface swim along the sandy bottomed coastline for about 100-200 yards, until we almost round Nahuna Point. There, a series of lava fingers jut out from the shoreline. The top of these fingers are quite shallow, while the bottom extends to about 30-40 feet below the surface. We will encounter a series of underwater sites such as one cave, known as Bubble Cave, which has a large air dome and is frequented by sea turtles. The Shark Cave has white tip reef sharks – sometimes as many as five at a time!

During your shore dives, we'll take care of all your gear and tank swaps, allowing you to enjoy a 1 or 2 Tank Dive with no stress. Along the way we'll point out marine life big and small ensuring that

you'll have an entertaining experience!

Shore Dive Details


We meet at Makena Landing Beach Park, which has easy access entry and exit points into the water, as well as showers, parking and clean restrooms.


We offer our guided shores weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7am. The best conditions at Makena are typically early in the morning before the strong winds and crowds, so we like to be first in the water.


This site is one of the best places on Maui to dive with green sea turtles, as they frequently use the numerous holes and caves in the reef to rest. It's also likely we'll come across white tip reef sharks, spotted eagle rays, butterfly fish, eels, nudibranchs, octopus, and even manta rays.


A 1-Tank Guided Shore Dive at Makena Landing costs $189, including gear. A 2-Tank Guided Shore Dive is an additional $100.


All You Wanted to Know And More

How many divers do you take per shore dive?

We won't book more than 8 divers per guide for shore dives.

Do all your shore dives take place at Makena Landing?

All our regular weekly guided shore dives take place at Makena Landing, condition-dependent. If we have to relocate due to conditions, your dive guide will let you know. We also offer shore dives from the westside at sites such as Mala Wharf Pier in Lahaina; however, if you request to dive this site, there's an additional cost of $100. You can view our full pricing list here.  All dives are a single-tank.  An additional tank may be added for $50 per participating diver.

What happens if conditions become unfavorable for diving?

Conditions can get tempestuous on Maui with our powerful currents and southern swells. Our policy is always safety first! If conditions become too dangerous to dive, we will try to relocate our shore dive to a different site. If we cannot relocate, we will cancel the dive and offer you a shop credit that you can use to book another dive with us in the future.

Can I book a private shore dive?

To book a private shore dive, the cost is equal to 4 regularly priced spaces, or $200

What should I bring?

Bring your towel, bathing suit, certification card, and your own transportation to and from the dive location.

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