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2 Tank Molokini Boat Dive

Molokini Crater is a crescent-shaped lava formation older than Haleakala itself! The back wall drift dive is for the experienced diver. The wall dive at Molokini Crater is a vertical drop that goes down past 350 feet, so the sensation is of diving over a seemingly bottomless depth. This is a world renowned wall dive. Molokini Crater is generally protected from extreme currents and has excellent visibility on the inside as well as the diverse topography that stun divers on the backside. Its dramatic structure will make your jaw drop. It's not a dive to be missed.


Charter Details


We meet at Kihei Boat Ramp at 5:45am. Our boat, the Kilikina, is a steel twin pontoon beauty. We'll be docked up by the time you arrive, and you'll wait by the benches to the right of the docks until the captain invites you aboard. The charter gets back to the Kihei Boat Ramp by 11:30am at the latest, so if you're not too full on our selection of tasty snacks, you'll make it back in time for brunch and have the whole day ahead of you to debrief your dive and enjoy the Maui sunshine.


We usually do our first dive in the inside of Molokini Crater, such as Reef's End or Enenui. For the second dive, we either dive another section of Molokini, potentially the backwall, depending on divers' experience level, or we make our way closer to the Maui shoreline and dive one of our favorite sites there, such as St. Anthony's Wreck, Red Hill, or Five Graves. Our second dive always depends upon captain, crew, divers and conditions.


You've got a great opportunity to dive with white tip and grey reef sharks. If you take your chance gazing out into the blue, you might see spinner dolphins, manta rays, and large schools of tropical fish endemic to Hawaii such as the pyramid butterfly fish! Closer to the wall, you could find the banded angel fish, or moray eels, nudibranchs such as blue dragon, massive lobsters.


 If you have your own gear, the price comes down to $214.  If you need a rental BCD, Regulator, or Wetsuit it is an additional $35 whether you need one item or all three!


All You Wanted to Know And More

What is your cancellation policy?

Please give us 48 hours in advance to process a full refund on your cancellation.

What should I bring?

Wear your bathing suit. Bring a towel. Show us your certification card.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We process payments online, over the phone, or in person at the shop.

How deep do we go?

Your maximum depth depends on your certification level and your own limits. Generally, our dive guides set a maximum depth at Molokini Crater around 80 feet. You always have the option of diving shallower than your dive guide, but we encourage you to not go deeper, and to let your guide lead you.

Can I book a private charter?

Yes, and we can take up to 14 passengers. You can view our whole price list here.

How many passengers are on the boat?

We don't book more than 14 passengers on our Molokini charters.

Who's in the crew?

We typically have two boat crew (either divemasters or instructors), and one captain.

Do you do PADI courses off the boat?

Yes. You can book the boat as a part of your PADI certification course for a small additional cost. You can view our full pricing list here, and details on our PADI courses here.

Do you do Introductory Dives off the boat?

We do not offer Discover SCUBA Diving from the boat, however once you have completed your Discover SCUBA Dive from the shore, ask your instructor about the possibility of doing some additional open water dives from the boat or even getting certified as a SCUBA Diver or Open Water SCUBA Diver!

Do you take snorkelers off the boat?

Yes. You can book a snorkeling spot on our boat for $129.

Can I dive with Nitrox?

Yes. Diving with Nitrox tanks costs an additional $20 per Nitrox tank.

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