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Maui Scuba Dive Sites - Molokini and the Maui Coast
Come dive Molokini and south Maui with B&B Scuba. We dive Molokini and a near-shore site daily. Possible Molokini dive sites include Reef's End, Enenu'i, Molokini Back Wall, Reefs End Drift, Enenu'i Drift. Near Shore Sites include Pu'u Olai (Red Hill), St. Anthony's Wreck, White Rock, Tank and Landing Craft, 85 Foot Pinnacle, 5 Graves, WWII Wreck airplane the Helldiver , and more. All dive sites are chosen on the day of the dive based upon conditions, diver skill level, and repeat customer preferences.
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South Maui Boat Ramp

Do not park here. This lot is for boats and trailers only.
Boat Trailer Parking Lot
Do not park here. This lot is for boats and trailers only.

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Do not park here. This lot is for boats and trailers only.
This is where the BBscuba boat will be docked for you to load.
Bathroom at the boat launch. To the left is a shower.
This is the upper parking lot where you should park your car. Do not park at the lot below where the boats are in the morning.
This is the sign you see at the entrance to the Boat Ramp.
Here is the sign for the boat trailer parking not. DO NOT PARK HERE :)
South Kihei Road just south of Kihei but north of Wailea.
This is the boat launch where launches the dive boat Kilikina.

Arial of Boat Ramp
Here is a view of the boat ramp.

South Maui Boat Launch
The boat launch is where we launch the dive boat and load passengers for our dive trips. Park in the lot closest to the South Kihei Road. Do not park in the main lot area since that is only for dive boat trailers.



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