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Maui Scuba Dive Sites - Molokini and the Maui Coast
Come dive Molokini and south Maui with B&B Scuba. We dive Molokini and a near-shore site daily. Possible Molokini dive sites include Reef's End, Enenu'i, Molokini Back Wall, Reefs End Drift, Enenu'i Drift. Near Shore Sites include Pu'u Olai (Red Hill), St. Anthony's Wreck, White Rock, Tank and Landing Craft, 85 Foot Pinnacle, 5 Graves, WWII Wreck airplane the Helldiver , and more. All dive sites are chosen on the day of the dive based upon conditions, diver skill level, and repeat customer preferences.
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Molokini Reef's End

Here is a photo of the top of the finger at Reef's End.
Top of the Finger
Here is a photo of the top of the finger at Reef's End.

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Here is a photo of the top of the finger at Reef's End.
Lava terraces go down into the depths at Reef's End.
Lots of Soldierfish and Squirrelfish are in the cracks and overhangs.
We saw this Great Barracuda for about 15 minutes at Reef's End.
Small White Tip at Reef's End.
Saw this large Manta Ray with B&B scuba near En'e Nu'i at Molokini.. It was a great experience!!
Eagle Ray at Molokini
Min Depth: 40 feet
Max Depth: 130+
Scuba Diving Visibility: 100+ feet
Current: Slight Currrent
Experience Level: Beginner
Type of dive: Anchor
Reefs End is an excellent dive. The top of the finger lies just below the waterline and drops down in terraces to hundreds of feet of water. If you go inside the crater you can find the Garden Eels in 70 fsw of water and the Center Reef just beyond. The dive can also be done as a drift around to the backside of Molokini. We have found the most interesting critters from Grey Reef Sharks to Humpback Whales at this dive site.



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