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Maui Scuba Reviews - Share Your Maui Scuba Diving Experiences

Emilio Acosta on 2018-06-13 18:42:38
can not say enough of how great the crew of the boat is at making sure that every diver feel at ease in and out of the water i have a bad back and the helped me with gear getting of boat and shane was excelent at getting me back on boat. took my daughter on a discover dive Stan made it so much fun for her that she decided to get certified. could tell how great an instructor Stan is by how much fun she was having doing the skills portion of getting certified he was able to calm her nerves and let her know how much fun diving can be thank you so much Matt, Shane especially Stan, Blessie and Brad
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Maui Scuba Dive Sites - Molokini and the Maui Coast
Come dive Molokini and south Maui with B&B Scuba. We dive Molokini and a near-shore site daily. Possible Molokini dive sites include Reef's End, Enenu'i, Molokini Back Wall, Reefs End Drift, Enenu'i Drift. Near Shore Sites include Pu'u Olai (Red Hill), St. Anthony's Wreck, White Rock, Tank and Landing Craft, 85 Foot Pinnacle, 5 Graves, WWII Wreck airplane the Helldiver , and more. All dive sites are chosen on the day of the dive based upon conditions, diver skill level, and repeat customer preferences.


PADI Open Water Diver

BB Scuba Course Course Price: E-learner     $375.00 / diver + $190 PADI E-LEARNER FEE
                                  BOOK                 $600.00 / DIVER + TAXES/FEES 
Prerequisites: Good Health / Parental consent if minor
Minimum age: 10
Time: Mornings / 3 days


About the Open Water Diver Class

Open Water Diver is the first level of Licensed Diver. Upon successful Completion of this course you will receive a license to dive that is acknowledged around the world! This course will take you thru the skills and acedemics nessesary to become a safe diver. Skills will be both demostrated and practiced in a controlled environment then put into use on 4 open water checkout dives.

What’s included in the class:

  • All Classroom materials
  • PADI Open water manual / Tables
  • Use of all gear
  • Small Ratios of Student/Instructor
  • Checkout Dives off the Boat, ( conditions permitting).
  • Certification Card upon successful completion.


Diver's Checklist:
  • All Forms filled out, medical signed if needed.
  • Knowledge Reviews in book completed before diving.
  • 48 Hour Cancellation policy.




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