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South Maui Dive Conditions - Latest scuba diving conditions from Maui

Mar/25/2019 08:10am
Site Name: Reef's End Drift
Maui Diving Visibility: 100-200 feet
Maui Water Temp.: 75 degrees
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Maui Scuba Dive Sites - Molokini and the Maui Coast
Come dive Molokini and south Maui with B&B Scuba. We dive Molokini and a near-shore site daily. Possible Molokini dive sites include Reef's End, Enenu'i, Molokini Back Wall, Reefs End Drift, Enenu'i Drift. Near Shore Sites include Pu'u Olai (Red Hill), St. Anthony's Wreck, White Rock, Tank and Landing Craft, 85 Foot Pinnacle, 5 Graves, WWII Wreck airplane the Helldiver , and more. All dive sites are chosen on the day of the dive based upon conditions, diver skill level, and repeat customer preferences.


Maui Scuba Tank Fills and Scuba Rentals

BB Scuba Gas Blending

B&B Scuba has one of the largest blending services on Maui. Our blenders are PADI and IANTD certified. Whether you need standard air, Nitrox, or Trimix we are the place to come. Our compressor systems are well maintained and our air is tested under industry standard testing procedures. Safety and Quality are our most important concerns.

We offer full tank service including Hydrostatic Certifications, Visual Inspections, and gear repair.


B&B Scuba Commercial Services

B&B Scuba is one of the largest fill suppliers on the island. We operate multiple compressor systems 7 days a week. We pump and blend literally hundreds of tanks each day. 80's, 63's, 120's, Doubles, HP, LP, Nitrox, Trimix, Deco, we do it all.

Our commercial services are scalable to meet your scuba business needs. Whether you need a few tanks pumped a day or a few dozen, we have terms and prices which are right for you. In house optional services include Tank Hydro certifications, Visual Inspections, and Tank pickup and delivery. Our rates are among the lowest on the island.

If you are a new tour boat operator, Dive business owner, or Instructor, and would like to inquire about B&B Scuba's commercial tank services call the shop at 808-875-2861.



We are one of the lowest cost vendors of air fills anywhere on the island. You can either purchase air fills by the tank or purchase a tank card. Discounts apply for advance purchases of multiple fills especially purchases in excess 10. If you are going to be diving more than 10 dives while you are here ask about getting a "Tank Card".

Single Tank Fill
Air Card w/10 Fills
HP Tank Fill
HP Air Card w/10 Fills $50.00


We offer all nitrox blends from standard recreational Nitrox blends of 22 to 40% as well as technical deco blends up to 80%.

Divers purchasing Nitrox or Decompression blends must show proof of certification. Divers requesting blends in excess of 40% must demonstrate that they are qualified to use these blends by showing proof of technical or rebreather diver certification at a level high enough to use the requested mix.

Diver purchasing Nitrox blends are required to re-test, label and signout tanks prior to taking them from the shop.

The cost for our nitrox blends varies do to the mix required and a number of other factors. Contact the shop for current prices on any fills greater than 40%.

  • 32% $12.00
  • 36% $12.00
  • 40% $15.00



  • First Aid DAN Tanks - $40.00


Trimix Image Technical Divers can enjoy B&B Scuba's Trimix blends. We offer both Hypoxic and Normoxic Trimix blends. Diver's must show proof of technical diver certification with an approved agency. Divers who are only certified to the Normoxic trimix level can only purchase normoxic blends. On some mix requests you may be required to show your dive plan. Rebreather and Deco. tank fills are priced according to size and percent of Mix.

Note: PADI TEC-Rec air divers do NOT qualify for trimix services. Due to the seriousness and complexity in planning trimix dives we recommend that divers complete a comprehensive and industry tested dive training program such as IANTD's Normoxic and Full Trimix courses.

We reserve the right to refuse blending services to those individuals we feel like are not properly trained, display questionable/unverifiable proof of certification, or have not planned the dive properly.

Our Air is tested every quarter.
Our Oxygen is aviator grade.
Please, do not forget to bring certification cards.




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