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Kihei Scuba Repair Service

BB Scuba is an equipment repair facility. (no simple adjustments, see below)
We use nothing but the best local repair technicians that are certified to perform maintenance, repair and assembly of equipment.

Regulator Repair Process
Below is a sampling of the quality of service that our service tech's provides.

  • The intermediate pressure is checked. (This helps determine if the regulator needs cleaning, adjustment or complete rebuilding). Owner of equipment is then contacted with diagnosis and estimate.
  • The first stage of the regulator is disassembled.
  • All metal parts are cleaned with a mild acid solution for cleaning.
  • Plastic/rubber and silicone parts are washed and then treated with a CristoLube.
  • All parts then go through an inspection process.
  • The new parts are installed.
  • Parts to be replaced depend on manufacturer; all O-rings and filters are replaced.
  • High Pressure Seats may also be replaced.
  • The regulator is then rebuilt.
  • Mouthpiece is inspected.
  • Inhalation and exhilarating diaphragms are carefully checked.
  • The regulator is now tested on the flow bench.
  • The first and second stage regulators are adjusted to the manufacturer's spec on intermediate pressure.

If your regulator is not under warranty, all parts replaced will be returned to you. If your regulator is under warranty, all warranted parts would be replaced and returned to the manufacturer at no cost to you.

Repair Prices
Please note that these prices do not include parts or sales tax.

Analog Depth Gauge Testing & replace HP pin $15.00
BC Overhaul (presure test, replace rings and seals) $15.00
Tank- Annual Inspection with Sticker and O-rings $5.00
1st Stage Overhaul $35.00
2nd Stage Overhaul $35.00
1st and 2nd Stage Overhaul $60.00
1st Stage, 2nd Stage and Octo Overhaul $85.00

Our Guarantee
If for any reason your equipment does not perform to your satisfaction, BB Scuba will readjust or service your equipment at no additional charge for one year from the date of service. Simply return your dive equipment and our professional service technician will perform the readjustment or service.

BB Scuba does not "LOOK AT" or "OK GEAR FOR DIVING". Scuba diving gear is rebuilt only. We do not break any suggested manufacturers recomendations.



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