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from: Sean Dyer

Diver Dave took me out to the wreck on kayaks on sunday. I was able to get some photos using Magic Filters and no strobes...
They would be better with more light, but the bay gets really windy after 10am especially in Spring/Summer (my observations).

Here are some new photos..


Gallery Album: Helldiver Plane Wreck Magic Filters

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from: Sean Dyer

Maui Wreck Helldiver

A few weeks back I went out with Bill, Stan, Jason, Dave and customers to dive the Hell Diver Wreck for the 2nd time (3rd dive). Stan took some video of the wreck which I still need to process. I converted a lot of these to black and white and I think they look appropriate for a WWII wreck... Anyway the dive was awesome as usual! I really love this wreck. It's the best wreck on Maui! We also dove the 3 anchors that same day and it was a nice dive as well... I'll post those photos later.

I hope you enjoy,



Gallery Album: Maui Helldiver dive bomber - SB2C-1

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from: Sean Dyer


Brad had heard about a plane off the Maui Coast from a local fisherman. The fisherman shared his frustration with these "wings" the Ulua were using to hide from his nets. Brad heard "wings" and he knew something was up. Brad got the line-ups and a few days later we were out on a "play" day looking for the wreck. We all dropped down and Jose, Stan and Brad were to my left as we covered the ground looking for the wreck. I saw some structure to my right and alerted Jose the wreck was there and told him to alert the others. I continued on to the wreck and took photos before they arrived. They looked for clues to the plane type and I took more photos. A large Moray Eel is the new pilot so venture with care into the cockpit! :)

Our initial thoughts were incorrect about the aircraft type. After a few days we consulted some online resources and figured out it was a Hell Diver SB2C-1C dive Bomber...

There are several different crashes on the island of Maui over the last years of the war due to training of the 4th Marine Division.  Maui hosted the 4th Marine Division starting in Jan 1944 and had up to 15,000 troops based on the island. You can see some accident reports at this link. Since several different agencies are newspapers are covering this story, I will see what they find.

The Maui News has run an interview with Brad on their website.
The Associated Press and Star Bulletin has a story here.


here are my photos from the dive.



PS - Click the Thumbmail below to pull up a slideshow. To scroll to next photo it takes 2 clicks at start.

Gallery Album: Maui Dive Bomber Sb2C-1C

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