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from: Sean Dyer


Here is a video from diving Reefs End off Molokini. I dropped down over the finger and headed towards the inside of the crater going over the sand channel to see the Snake Eel and Garden Eels, then over to Middle Reef to see some nice corals. I see a lot of room for improvement in the video, but it was fun seeing these great critters off Molokini. It's really a wonderful place to dive!




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from: Sean Dyer

Diver Dave took me out to the wreck on kayaks on sunday. I was able to get some photos using Magic Filters and no strobes...
They would be better with more light, but the bay gets really windy after 10am especially in Spring/Summer (my observations).

Here are some new photos..


Gallery Album: Helldiver Plane Wreck Magic Filters

DSC 3075
DSC 3070
DSC 3067
DSC 3060

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from: Sean Dyer

Here are some shots from the degaussing Station on Maui. It's a dive site in about 65 feet of water outside of the Ma'alea harbor.


Gallery Album: 3 Anchors Degaussing Station

Concrete Support
Diver clearing his mask
Diver inspecting coral on concrete block
Lots of Reef Fish on the blocks

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from: Sean Dyer

Maui Wreck Helldiver

A few weeks back I went out with Bill, Stan, Jason, Dave and customers to dive the Hell Diver Wreck for the 2nd time (3rd dive). Stan took some video of the wreck which I still need to process. I converted a lot of these to black and white and I think they look appropriate for a WWII wreck... Anyway the dive was awesome as usual! I really love this wreck. It's the best wreck on Maui! We also dove the 3 anchors that same day and it was a nice dive as well... I'll post those photos later.

I hope you enjoy,



Gallery Album: Maui Helldiver dive bomber - SB2C-1

DSC 1669
DSC 1663
DSC 1644
DSC 1632

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from: Sean Dyer

Here's a shot from Richard who dove with BBscuba last week. The turtle was dozing on the reef and he gently got close to the turtle for this photo op! This was taken at Red Hill dive site...


Maui Diver and Turtle

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