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from: Sean Dyer

I was out on the boat today and my mission was the take some photos of the Dragon Moray in residence at Pu'u Olai (Red Hill). Stan has formed a special bond with this critter but he has yet to give the Dragon Moray a name. I have seen a Dragon Moray at Lanai, but never during my South Maui Scuba Diving. The eel was very skittish and it took some patience and some encouragement for the eel to poke his head out. I used my dioper to dangle in front of the eel hoping it would see it's reflection. On 2 ocassions the eel poked its head out and let me take a shot...

Here are the shots:
Dragon Moray Maui


Dragon Moray Maui

We saw 3 frogfish, a group of Eagle Rays, a Henshaw's Snake Eel in the sand channel, and lots of the common critters at this site. At Molokini we did Reef's End Drift and saw several White Tip Reef Sharks, 3 Grey Reef Sharks with one being fairly large. At the start we saw some Blue Dragon Nudibranchs (several) along with the usual suspects. The wind was picking up and the current was moving towards the end of the dive... A great day diving!




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